Heavy Duty Racks

We are one of the pioneers in India to fabricate and offer heavy-duty boltless pallet stacking storage systems. Now we have expanded our activity in fabrication of variety of storage systems. For the satisfaction of our clients, we first analyze their requirements and proper selection of storage system and equipment are done based on the availability of space.

Some of the important features of Metrex High Rise System that makes them highly demanded are:

  • Suitable for high density storage
  • Facilitates stacking on both sides of aisle
  • Easy access to all pallets
  • Can be built up to 10 metres and above
  • Adaptable to narrow aisle stacker or stacker crane
  • Back side cross connectors ensures additional safety and stability

Some of the important features Metrex Adjustable Systems are:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy accessibility to all pallets
  • Adjustable load levels at interval of 100 mm
  • Adjustable cross-support for nonstandard pallets
  • Functional with equipment like stacker, truck, fork lift


  • Deck panels: used when cargo is not palletized and cartons/boxes are in odd shapes
  • Skid channels: help in positioning and supporting of metal pallets with legs
  • Cross supports: overcomes the problem of keeping odd-size pallets and facilitates depth wise support to the load
  • Drum cradle: aligns drums or round articles on the load-beams to prevent rolling
  • Back-to-back connector
  • Upright guard
  • Backside crosses connector
  • Topside connector

Slotted Angles

Our slotted angles are most scientifically designed and are available in exclusive pattern that ensures maximum strength with minimum loss of metal. The slot pattern is designed in metric measurements. Slots and holes are arranged in such a way as to achieve maximum versatility in bolting positions and hence the rigidity in construction. Dimensions of slots and bolts are kept in such a tolerance that washers are not required. It is given super finish of stove-enameled paint and last year after year with minimum maintenance.

Some of the important features of our slotted angles are:
Easy assembly
one requires only nut and bolts to ready the structure. The final construction is strong. It can be cut into multiples of slot pattern which gives maximum bolting positions.

Less time to build
constructed in shortest drawing or estimates in comparison to other conventional products so that one can easily save 50 to 75 percent of time.

Bins and Tote Boxes

Bins are manufactured from mild steel sheets. They are available in suitable thickness and stove enamel finish. The bins save tremendous time and space in production and storage by offering instant identification and accessibility of components. They are highly demanded in various industries as they simplify inventory and improves productivity in all material handling functions.

To meet the varied requirements of clients, we offer bins in 6 different standard sizes:

Bins Type Length Width Height
S 600 mm 400 mm  300 mm
T 550 mm 350 mm 250 mm
A 500 mm 300 mm 200 mm
B 400 mm 250 mm 175 mm
C 300 mm 200 mm 150 mm
HAL 230 mm 127 mm 133 mm

Backed by the innovative spirit and an uncompromising bend of mind of our personnel, we have reached the pinnacle of success. Their ability to undertake and complete various products has enabled us to meet the varied requirements of clients.

Mezzainine Floor

Our expertise lies in offering complete mezzanine flooring solutions to our clients. We visit the site and accordingly design the floorings that have to be done. The Mezzanine Floor are designed by using sophisticated CAD software & constructed to suit a client’s individual specifications. As per the available space we design the floorings and ensure that mezzanine floor optimizes the use of the space gives more storage solutions.



Cable Trays

We need to keep pace with rapidly changing scene of Indian industry and its growth pattern and diversification. Our cable carrier system meets the complex needs as it runs the cables in the industry ideally and reduces labor and time.

Our cableway systems are ideal because of their excellent:

  • Cable load
  • Cable carrying space
  • Long spans between supports
  • Bends up or down, left or right, any change of direction or level
  • Junctions for 2 Way, 3 Way Or 4 Way - no separate components required
  • Extensions very convenient as no drilling and welding is required
  • Accessible: Very easy to locate a particular cable, follow it and reach it

Compound Sections
Cable carriers of 3 sizes enable a large number of variations in making compound sections without welding and drilling, thus saving valuable time and speeding up installation work. The flexibility of this system facilitates in cable layout during installation or at a later stage without causing any long hold ups. Patent Pending under No. 92/BOM/79.

The System
It consists of carriers of 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm x 25 mm flange, joint pieces and nut bolts. A small stock of these components can meet any emergency like taking a run for a new work station or machine or shifting a machine to a new spot.

Air Handling Equipments

The air handling units are manufactured from tested and certified material that makes them widely used in operation theaters, pharmaceutical production units and in various other clean room applications. We offer range of air handling units (AUH) that are extensively used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. As per the client requirements we offer horizontal and vertical models of AUH.


Fan Coil Unit

The fan coil unit manufactured by us are used in cooling large areas. They are available in different capacity and in different sizes as per the specific requirements of clients.
Capacity: 2 to 10 tons


  • Commercial office areas
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Public areas

Cooling/ Heating Coil

We manufacture and offer cooling or heating coils that are used in air handling units and fan coil units. The coils are manufactured from high quality copper tubes and aluminum fins. We use galvanized iron sheets/ aluminum to manufacture the frames of coils. We test the coils as per prevailing standard to ensure that they are safe to use and durable.



Volume Control Dampers

We offer quality volume control dampers that are manufactured from premium quality raw material. The dampers are designed as per the clients’ specifications and are manufactured by using latest technology.


  • Controls air flow in case of fire
  • Disconnect the areas of fire
  • Avoids spreading of fire to other areas


  • Public area ducting
  • Restaurants and commercial complexes
  • Hospitals and hotel area

Ducting System

We offer ducting in various sizes which are used in the recovery stage in fertilizer manufacturing plants. The ductings are manufactured from quality stainless steel and mild steel. Moreover, we fabricate them as per the specific requirements of clients.

Applications: Agrochemical industry



Sheet Metal Works

We use quality raw material for sheet metal works. The metal works are dimensionally accurate and resistant to corrosion and chemical that makes them widely used in different industry. We fabricate them in different dimensions as specified by our customers.